Herbal Tea Sampler Pack

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Sample pack of all herbal teas in our collection. Each bag is 1oz of tea and makes approximately 5-15 8oz cups of tea depending on your desired strength. This pack will also include a wooden spoon and a stainless steel tea infuser. 

Our Witch's Brew tea is sure to be a favorite for your tea cabinet! A truly delectable earthy blend with a hearty mint flavor. Caffeine-free. Ingredients: Oat tops*, Linden Leaves*, Peppermint*, Lemon Balm*, and Chamomile Flowers*.

Our Self Love Intention tea has a florally sweet flavor with earthy undertones and a crisp finish. This specific tea blend is crucial to our mission here at Hunter's Moon Trading Co, to provide high-quality self-care items that envelope your soul in love and light. Ingredients: Damiana Leaves*, Cacao Nibs*, Carob*, Orange Peel*, Rose Petals*, Cinnamon*, Vanilla Powder*.

Our Rising Dawn tea is a gentle herbal blend. This delicate tea is the perfect way to start your day. This lightly sweet and mildly fragrant blend is a delicious alternative to the caffeine normally found in green or black teas. Caffeine-free. Ingredients: Nettle Leaves*, Green Rooibos*, Rose Petals*.

Our Restful Sleep Intention tea has a delightful minty flavor that is especially enjoyable after a large dinner or the perfect ending to a long day. Caffeine-free. Ingredients: Peppermint Leaves*, Chamomile Flowers*, Skullcap*, Mugwort*, Damiana leaves*, Rosemary leaves*, and Rose Petals*.

Our organic Peaceful Intentions tea is an herbal blend for manifesting peace, happiness, and serenity. Blended from organic herbs, our Forest Mist tea features a smooth floral and mint flavor with a hint of spice. Each cup invites a delicious chance for mindful reflection while moving toward a calmer, well-rested version of yourself. Caffeine-free. Ingredients: Organic* Chamomile Flowers, Spearmint*, Lavender Flowers*, Cinnamon Bark*, Passionflower*, and Rose Petals*.