Labradorite Sphere

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All crystals have been carved and polished into a sphere shape at 40-50mm in size. Stone weight, size and color may vary due to the natural inclusions in each stone and color differences in photography and computer screens.

Labradorite is named after Labrador, Canada where it was first found. The most colors of labradorite is blue, green and gold. Rarer colors are red, pink and purple. The Inuit people have prized Labradorite for centuries and many local myths surround the crystal. One is that the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, froze and fell from the sky and became trapped in the rocks. An Inuit warrior saw the lights were trapped and attempted to free them by smashing the rocks with his spear. He managed to set most of them free, but some remained trapped. This is especially interesting as the Inuit believe that they see the spirit of their ancestors in the Northern Lights, so some spirits must have also remained trapped within the rocks.

Labradorites metaphysical properties include: increasing mental sharpness and intellect, providing a boost of inspiration and originality, calming an overactive mind and helping with change, lending strength and perseverance. Labradorite stimulates the Third Eye and Crown chakras, its zodiac association is Sagittarius, Scorpio and Leo, its planetary association is Uranus & the Moon and its elemental representation is Air.