Kyanite Shards

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Kyanite is most commonly seen in its blue form but it also has black, green, and orange varieties. Blue Kyanite forms in varying size bladed specimens. Gem quality Kyanite is translucent and was often confused as Sapphire.

Metaphysical Properties: Increases perseverance and mental stamina, Aids in dream recall, Aids in communication and self-expression, Has very strong energy and high vibration, Boosts psychic abilities and communication, Stimulates the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, Zodiac association is Gemini and Pisces, Planetary association is Mercury and Neptune, Elemental representation is Water and Air.

This listing is for random pick of in-house specimens, all Kyanite clusters are Grade A and vary in weight, size, and color due to the natural inclusions in each stone and color differences in photography and computer screens.