Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Today I want to introduce you to my very favorite crystal, Moss Agate! Now, Moss Agate is in fact not an agate at all as it is not banded, it is actually technically a form of chalcedony. Moss Agate gets its name due to the form of "tiny plants" inside the crystal, the inclusions are actually green fern-like dendrites made of manganese and/or iron and can form a red coloring instead of green depending on how much iron is present within the crystal. 

This beautiful moss looking stone is said to encourage gardening, help those with "green thumbs" and aid in the growth of new crops making this crystal especially useful for those who love to garden. 

One of the many reasons I love Moss Agate is for its ability to aid one in releasing trapped emotions and reduces emotional trauma, as like many I have a hard time letting things go. 

Other metaphysical properties include attracting prosperity, wealth and success and helping one with concentration, endurance and persistence. 

Moss Agate stimulates the Heart Chakra and is useful for opening one's heart to new love and friendships as well as helping the growth of existing love. 

The best ways to use Moss Agate is to wear as jewelry, mainly a necklace to keep it close to your heart, you can place it in your plants soil as it is water safe or keep it in an area in your home where you feel could use the most loving energy. 

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