Moon Magic

Moon Magic


 The Moon affects more than the tides, one study done by Swiss researchers found that most people generally have a harder time sleeping during a Full Moon which suggests that we are affected by lunar energy. The female menstrual cycle is often referred to as "moon cycles" due to a menstrual cycle and lunar cycle being roughly the same length, research also shows that more women menstruate during the New Moon than any other phase.

Phase 1: The New Moon, the beginning of the cycle, is often associated with cleansing. Great for intention setting and self-care.

Phase 2: Waxing Crescent: Growing light, illuminates intentions and intuitions. This is the perfect time for goal setting and planning.

Phase 3: First Quarter Moon, strong light brings focus to maximize intentions. This is a great time for taking action and working to bring goals to fruition.

Phase 4: Waxing Gibbous, increasing excitement, and energy, nurture's hopes and dreams until visible in the Full Moon. This is ideally the best time for reflecting and meditating.

Phase 5: Full Moon, energy, abundance, gratitude; also a time of cleansing and letting go. This is a great time for manifestation, ceremonies, and divination work.

Phase 6: Waning Gibbous, reflection, learning, refining based on lessons learned. This is the perfect time for creative pursuits and hobbies.

Phase 7: Last Quarter Moon, acknowledge and release, a time of forgiveness. This is the ideal time for energy clearing.

Phase 8: Waning Crescent, end of the cycle; renewal and inward reflection, in thoughtful darkness, as a new cycle begins. This is the perfect time for quiet contemplation and planning the next steps.

It takes roughly 29 days for the moon to pass through all eight phases. The cycle begins with the New Moon, which appears dark to us due to the Moon and Suns alignment with the Earth, as the moves, it creates a waxing effect until the Full Moon occurs and transitions through the waning cycles and back around to the New Moon when the cycle begins again. Use the light of the Full Moon to cleanse crystals (set them out on a window sill in the direct light of the Moon) or make the moon water by placing a clear glass jar out directly in the light of the Full Moon. The energy the full moon gives off can help to clear negative energy or recharge your energy.

*resources: Aurora Kane, Arabella Lumley & Nikki Van De Car

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