Let's chat about Lepidolite today! Lepidolite is a pink and purple colored mica with the color coming from lithium or manganese. Lepidolite was originally known as Lilatite after its lilac color. However, it was later renamed from the Greek work “Scaly” Lepidus, due to the flakes of lithium. It has been traditionally used to relieve anxiety and depression and is regarded as an incredibly relaxing stone.

Lepidolites metaphysical properties are that it, aids in learning and teaching, helps you cope with change and awareness, helps soothe distrust, depression, and stress, inspire positive life change, aids in astral travel and rebirth and it stimulates the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. Its zodiac association is Libra and Capricorn, its planetary association is Jupiter and its elemental representation is Water.

*resources: The Citrine Circle, Karen Frazier & Judy Hall

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