How to stick to your New Years resolutions

How to stick to your New Years resolutions

You've made your list of resolutions, you're excited for 2022 so you can get started on being the best version of you that you can be. However, its less than a week in and you're already falling off track. Here's what you need to do. 

First, you need to establish what's most important to you this year. Simplify your goals for 2022 into 1-2 of your most important resolutions. You don't need 5 and simplifying your list down to what is truly important is step 1 into being successful in the new year. 

Second, Make a plan. Perhaps your goal is to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2022. Your plan shouldn't be "lets dive right in on the 1st with ALL major life changes at once." You'll need to ease yourself into it. Focus on replacing all your processed carbs like white bread with complex carbs such as whole grains and starchy vegetables. Then, after you've gotten used to that replace your sweets with fruits. Maybe, start with yoga once a week and work your way up to daily from there and slowly go into more rigorous workouts from there. Same can be applied to most all resolutions. make a plan and start slow.  

Thirdly, find a way to keep yourself accountable. Maybe for every 5lbs you lose you get to buy a new outfit or add $20 into a jar for a new wardrobe when you finally reach your goal. Another possibility is having someone who helps you stay focused like a workout buddy. Having smaller goals on the way to your 1 big goal gives you more to look forward to as opposed to thinking, "oh it's goanna take forever to get to 50lbs". Instead, you'll be saying "Yes, 5lbs down, I get $20 added to my goals jar!" 

Lastly, have a visual of your progress. Like stated above this could be knocked out in conjunction with accountability. Having a jar that says your goal with marbles for every pound you lose creates a positive viewpoint as the jar fills with your progress. Even a chart with boxes you color in along the way works as well. The important part is that you track your progress. 

Now, I used weight loss as an example above, but this process can be used with any resolution. I want to start reading more so one of my 2 resolutions is to read 100 books in 2022 so what I've done is planned out how many books a week I need to read to get there. Then I joined a fun online book club, and I purchased a book with enough pages so I can write down each book, rate it and write little notes about my experience. Lastly, every 10 books I finish I get to go out for Chinese food, my husband and daughter hate it so it's a nice treat for me that I rarely enjoy. After all the Chinese takeout my 2023 New Year's resolution just might be losing a few pounds!

I truly hope this helps you stick to your goals this year and follow through with your promises you've made to yourself. Cheers to future you on a job well done in 2022!

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