Let's talk about Amazonite and some of its healing properties and uses. Amazonite is a blue/green variety of Microline, which is a feldspar. It gets its name from the Amazon River, although no deposits of Amazonite have ever been found in the Amazon. Amazonite jewelry was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun and high-quality Amazonite is often sold as Colorado Jade or Pikes Peak Jade.

Amazonite's metaphysical properties are that it soothes trauma and calms the soul, promotes harmony and balance, helps you to express your thoughts and set clear boundaries, helps you to see from others points of view, encourages tidiness and boosts creativity, and stimulates the Throat and Heart Chakras. Its zodiac association is Virgo, its planetary association is Uranus, its elemental representation is Water.

*resources: The Citrine Circle, Karen Frazier & Judy Hall

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