28 Self-Love Affirmations

28 Self-Love Affirmations

With valentine's day coming up I wanted to share some of my favorite self-love affirmations with you all. Repeat one every day for the month of February, spend a little time this romance season loving yourself. 

1. I am enough.

2. I radiate confidence.

3. I deserve happiness. 

4. I am a goddess. 

5. I love who I am inside and out.

6. I am beautiful. 

7. I am powerful. 

8. I am talented.

9. I deserve to be appreciated. 

10. I am proud of who I am. 

11. I own my life and I am free to make my own choices. 

12. I am full of potential. 

13. I cannot be replaced.

14. I am unique.

15. I am a survivor.

16. I believe in myself. 

17. I release my insecurities and grow more comfortable in my own skin.

18. I trust in myself. 

19. I am healing

20. I am smart.

21. I belong here.

22. I deserve to be loved and treated with respect.

23. I let go of negativity.

24. I am separate from the voice of anxiety and stress.

25. all I need is within me.

26. I am a priority. 

27. I am a warrior. 

28. I am limitless. 

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