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The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, each bundle includes a 1oz bag of our Rising Dawn herbal tea, 1 Sage & Lavender room spray, 1 Twilight Rain candle.

Our Rising Dawn tea is a gentle herbal blend. This delicate tea is the perfect way to start your day. This lightly sweet and mildly fragrant blend is a delicious alternative to the caffeine normally found in green or black teas. Caffeine-free. Ingredients: Nettle Leaves*, Green Rooibos*, Rose Petals*. 

Sage & Lavender: This spray features a blend of Sage and Lavender essential oils for protection, cleansing and peace then infused with Amethyst to enhance its metaphysical properties. Spray around doorways to repel negativity.

Our Twilight Rain hand-poured organic soy wax candle features a special blend of  Lavender, Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood essential oils. All Cleaning intention candles are topped with lavender buds, white sage leaves and a Clear Quartz tumbled stone. Light when your home or space is feeling heavy, after an argument, or when you intuitively feel your soul needs an energetic boost.