Rose Quartz Heart

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Rose Quartz has been around in jewelry dating back to 7000 BC and is still extremely popular today. It is known as the crystal of universal and unconditional love, and according to Greek legend, Rose Quartz was formed when Ares, God of war, attacked the Goddess of love, Aphrodite’s lover Adonis, and their blood-stained white Quartz pink. Zeus then took pity on the lovers and returned Adonis to Aphrodite for 6 months of the year. Rose Quartz is also a famous beauty crystal, Egyptians believed it improved the complexion and helped to prevent aging. In one Egyptian story the goddess Isis used Rose Quartz to maintain her youth and beauty, and there have been face masks made of Rose Quartz found in Egyptian tombs. Many people add this crystal to their bathwater to this day.

Metaphysical Properties: Promotes self-healing and self-love, Creates a calm atmosphere, dispelling negativity, Fortifies relationships and promotes forgiveness, Encourages self-forgiveness, self-trust, and self-worth, Stimulates the Heart chakra, Zodiac association is Taurus & Libra, Planetary association is Venus, Elemental association is Water. 

All crystals have been polished and carved into the shape of a heart. Stone weight, size, and color may vary due to the natural inclusions in each stone and color differences in photography and computer screens.

*refernces: The Citrine Circle