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This beautiful beaded set features an 18 inch beaded necklace with Kyanite, Variscite and Hematite strung onto white silk cord with a knot placed between each bead and includes a matching beaded bracelet on stretch cord for a comfortable fit for the size 6/7 inch wrist as well as a pair of earrings on .925 Sterling Silver ear wires. 

Kyanite increases perseverance and mental stamina, aids in dream recall, aids in communication and self expression, has a very strong/high vibration and boosts psychic abilities.

Variscite helps balance the mind, body and spirit, aids in breaking behavior patterns, helps increase self esteem and see yourself in new light, stimulates strength and endurance to get through hard situations and can help lessen worry and distress.

Hematite promotes love and personal magnetism, encourages strength and courage, boosts memory, mental process, thoughts and mathematics, a strong protection crystal and helps concentration and focus.